Did Muslims and Hindus live in harmony on the Indian sub-continent before the British arrived?

Mudassir Ali
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Did Muslims and Hindus live in harmony on the Indian sub-continent before the British arrived?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 30, 2019 04:30 PM

another, but there have been many instances of war and uprising over religion.

Before the British Raj began, the Mughal Empire (especially under Aurangzeb) would prosecute harshly over others’ religions. One instance was when Aurangzeb failed to please Mecca after taking the Indian throne and tired to do so by attempting to create a majority Hindu India into an Islamic state. Hindu temples were destroyed and many parts of India and some people were given the choice between death and converting to Islam. The attempt failed as most people chose death and you can’t kill everyone or you won’t have anyone to govern.

Islamic rulers before would also force Hindus to shave and they would spit at their head to show they’re lower than them. This is why Sikhs where turbans as it is a sign that we should be held to the same respect of a ruler or nobleman.

This is just one of the few instances of Muslim to Hindu. There have been cases of Hindus on Muslims violence as well. Add to that the Sikhs, Buddhists, and Christians (yes, there were some Christians) and it was at many times religious wars.

However, it kind of escalated to actual religion under the British Raj as politics played in previous actions like Aurangzeb’s attempt in making an Islamic India etc. Now there is probably more tension between Hindu India and Islamic Pakistan due to the partition of the two religions. However, more Muslims live in India than Pakistan and besides some incidents, they seem to live together fine.

So did they live in harmony? Meh, it was always the same. Most citizens lived side by side as they do today, but there was many incidents where religion did play somewhat a part. However, the British took a political aspect away from it and made it more of a religious divide.

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