Did Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto ruin Pakistan?


Did Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto ruin Pakistan?

Mudassir Ali 11 months 1 Answer 149 views

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  1. Well,we can’t judge someone like that. Every ruler besides boosting social image,economy of a nation does some terrible decisions in history .We have to weigh the positivenesses with terribleness and then decide on the ratio obtained.

    Zulfiqar Ali bhutto (ZAB) was not an ideal ;human errors accompany all of us. In his era Pakistan was on track of rapid progress and thats why much development can be seen in that time slab. The founder of 1973 Constitution of Pakistan,the reformist in social sector as well as agriculture,land reforms and the founding father of nuclear program for Pakistan while being a president as well as PM of pakistan brought us a good name keeping aside the blunder of 1971 separation of West Pakistan i.e. Bengal which was an unfair to majority holder West Paksitanis.

    So,IMO he was the man who put us on highway of development which was shattered by the successor Military run governments.

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