What is the difference between Ramadan and Ramzan?


What is the difference between Ramadan and Ramzan?

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  1. Alright, So I see a lot of controversy over how Ramadan/Ramzan should be pronounced or spelled and which of the two is correct.
    The letter used in writing the word is ص which is pronounced Dh’waad in Arabic and Za’aad in Urdu/Farsi.
    This particular letter has a very different sound, Very much similar to ‘DH’ and has no equivalence in any other language.
    Since, the language mostly spoken in India took shape from the amalgamation of Farsi, Urdu, and Hindi,
    People in India pronounced and wrote it as Ramzan and not Ramadan.
    But as it is an Arabic word many prefer to pronounce and write it as Ramadan.
    It is just a difference that two languages have with a letter,and it exists in almost all the languages.
    For eg. The J in Spanish is pronounced as H.
    (José is Hosé)
    And also in Hindi, we have the letter ऋ which is used in a different manner and because of which Hritik Roshan is Hritik and not Ritik.
    So no. Writing or saying Ramadan instead of Ramzan is not Wahabisation or radical Islamisation.And in no way, it is a threat to the culture.
    It does not mean we are promoting Arabian Islam and not following Indian Islam.
    There is no Indian or Persian or Arabian Islam.
    There is only one and that is the Islam of the Qur’an and the Hadith/Hadees.
    I hope people understand this.
    All said,
    Ramadan Kareem/Ramzan Mubarak to everyone.
    May Allah accept all our fasts and good deeds and forgive the wrongdoers.

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