What are the different places I should visit and how safe is it to travel?

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I would like to tell you that Pakistan is the best place to visit.
If you are talking about safety than there is no place in world which is supposed to 100% safe. Every country got good or bad people

Foreigners have been coming to Pakistan for a very long time.

But with changing times, the mainstream media – international, as well as local – has created this image of Pakistan as a brutal, war torn, savaged country where life is on a standstill.

Here is a reviews of some foreigners about visiting the Pakistan and their links.

  • Australian traveler – Sophee Smiles | Facebook

Fear often places two hands over our eyes and blinds us from hidden opportunities.

I recently started fear in the face and told it take a back seat. It knew of my plans to explore Pakistan and it was starting to freak out. It kept replaying the frightful imagery and headlines I’d consumed through international media.

As I started to share my travel plans with others, fear got it’s “I told you so” face on. Every time I mentioned that Pakistan was my gateway to “The Stans” and Europe, I was met with one of two responses:
Why are you going there? It’s not safe,”
“Good luck!” (backed by incredulous laughter).

As I spent my last night in India, soaking up the intense atmosphere at the infamous Wagah Border Closing Ceremony, my sense of trepidation reached fever pitch. I watched the Pakistani crowd from the Indian bleachers with nervous curiosity. Stretching my neck like a meerkat, I fought to decipher any cultural clues, which would put my mind at ease.

Wagha border, Lahore

Funnily enough, at this point, my biggest fear wasn’t getting killed in Pakistan. It’s that I’d offend the locals with my cultural naivety and lack of sensitivity and, as a result, represent my home country poorly. I desperately wanted to put a good Aussie foot forward and assure the Pakistani people I was eager to understand their community better. I quickly learned their intentions were exactly the same as mine.

Indeed, it wasn’t long before Pakistanis became one of the most hospitable communities I’d encountered. From the moment The locals have taught me a lot about Pakistan, Islamic culture and the power of media. They’ve practically demolished my fears and rebuilt my perception of their home country.

Let me explain why…

Lahore, Punjab

Beautiful couple and authors, Sophee and Been @Fasil masjid, Islamabad.

For complete

  • American woman changes perception of Pakistan through Twitter

Former Goodwill Ambassador to Pakistan, Cynthia D. Ritchie changed perceptions of many people about Pakistan during her recent trip to the country.

Cynthia took to Twitter to share her photos and engage in a Q&A session.

She was all praises for Pakistan and its people.


  • The two 20-something backpackers from the United States and the Netherlands, visited Pakistan for six weeks this year

“Our journey in Pakistan began at the end of May, and lasted for six weeks. We saw Ramazan begin, feasted on Eid, and finally escaped summer’s heat in mid-July”.“It’s a big city, but the people are super friendly… and perhaps dangerously hospitable. Despite it being Ramazan, people showed us around every day, and stuffed us with more food than we’ve eaten in our entire lives. We made some great friends in the process, and really hope to head to Lahore again soon.”

The two highly recommend Pakistan to foreign tourists. “Forget your fears – go visit Pakistan. It’s far from the easiest country to travel in, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more hospitable country of people. Add to that rich cultural history and diversity, stunning nature, and you have a perfect destination for adventurous spirits. Just do it. You won’t regret it.”

  • Famous Explorer Mike Horn

Pakistan is peaceful, people have opened their arms and hearts to us: Mike Horn

He even uploaded a picture of the Pakistani flag, calling us ‘perfect hosts’.


  • Liz Norman’s Experience

Liz Norman, a lady based in Australia and who traveled to Pakistan for biking at Karaokoram Highway.

Her remarks are“Pakistanis Literally Go Out of Their Way to Help You and Pakistan is Mind-blowing, peaceful, beautiful.”.


As I already told you Every country got good or bad people. Yes, the security situation is not ideal, but keep in mind that Pakistan is still a developing country. You cannot compare it with other developed countries like USA.

Yes there are insurgencies because we have been at War for many years in Waziristan area and to some remote areas in Balochistan and they don’t generally effect the everyday life of Pakistanis and that’s why no one will recommend you to give a visit to waziristan area and to some remote areas in balochistan due to security reasons. Just like other countries we have had our problems and we still do to a little extent.

Again Here are some links

I hope All questions in you mind will be covered in these videos and links.

here are some pictures of amazing places in pakistan

Good news :

Pakistan has seen a sharp increase in tourism thia year. Pakistan tourism development cooperation (PTDC) data showed that international tourists have more than tripled since 2013 in 2016.

Answered on January 9, 2019.
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