Do Arabs and Iranians hate each other?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 18, 2020 05:01 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 18, 2020 05:01 AM

There are some good answers here. I share my perspective.

The hatred towards Arabs from Iranians, is three fold:
1. Language
We Iranians are really proud of our language. Persian is among the top ten old languages of the world. And relative to Latin or German languages, we changed very little. The invasion of Arabs in 7th century, resulted in a very dramatic change in Persian. We adopted Arabic alphabet, we adopted many Arabic words and even Parsi, (which is also the name of our language) changed to Farsi, because Arabs couldn’t pronounce P. The changes were so dramatic that almost killed Persian. But some poets, writers, and kings, intervened.
Today, as an Islamic country, studying Arabic, is mandatory in school. And the method of learning, is almost 100 years out of date. So it is among one of the most hated classes between students.

2. Religion
As Arabs invaded Iran, they injected their religion as well. Islam. It was not much of a problem (though in that time many were killed, but we can count that as a result of war and invasion.) But when Safavid got the power in Iran, The change to Shiite Islam became mandatory. As Safavid wanted to unite people against Turkey, in which time, there was a war in between.
That passed and then came the Iranian revolution in which resulted in a dictatorship with the doctarian of Islam. And many were killed by the name of Islam. They were not killed because of Islam though. But when you mention Islam as your motif when you mass-murder, It gets to people. And Islam generally is linked to Arabs. So, there goes the hatred from that perspective.

3. History
Iran as an old civilization had many kings coming and going. But the most glorious ones were ones that were ended by invasion of Arabs. And at that time, the Great Persia, started to shrink down and loose its power and humanism.
And to add to other points, there is the problem that comes from revolutions, which cause extremism, which cause bigotry and with that comes racism.

But in General I can say that, in popular culture, there is not much hatred towards Arabs, as there is towards mandatory Islam and mandatory Arabic. We can say, Islam, Arabic and Arabs are not popular in youth of current Iran. But hatred is not much of the case as the “mandatory” part are.

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