Do assassins exist in society?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 17, 2020 05:14 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 17, 2020 05:14 AM

You can easily contract paid assassins for a fee by using Tor. You’d most likely pay in bitcoin, and might much more probably end up paying a scammer or, depending on jurisdiction, someone from within law enforcement.

But assassins/hitmen exist today. Fiction-like assassins with incredible training and fiction-like skills, or people on par with characters such as the one in Hitman/Assassin’s Creed etc..are obviously fictional.

Real-life assassins are much less developed in terms of aptitude, they don’t do parkour moves while using obsolete yet cool weapons to kill their targets.

There’s no “secret society” of assassins or some sort of secret league. There’s just people of ranging abilities that are willing to kill for money.

The best of them will likely make it all look close to a natural or accidental death.

Little of what actually capable paid assassins do looks anywhere near all the flash stuff you see in movies/video-games.

There’s one clear advantage to hiring a paid assassin to kill someone. Even if they’re below average in combat, or in any other martial or military skills, they can still kill someone with greater chances of never being discovered than if you would. Why ? Because your motive is personally constructed, whereas a paid assassin does it for the money. And money is impersonal.

Your grandma could be a paid assassin. She can easily track down a politician and his family and use her amazing grandma credentials to work as some sort of baby sitter. She can easily notice habits and practices and discover a weakness or a way to assassinate her target that would most easily look as if it all happened quite naturally.

How ?

No matter how many protective measures you take, you’re still far more vulnerable than you realise.
You might have a medical condition. Or live in a building that is unsafe in case of a fire/earthquake. Or live in a bad neighbourhood. Or are a bad driver and/or drive a relatively unsafe/poorly maintained car. You might occasionally go drinking or use recreational drugs. Or go for some sort of injury-prone sport. Or whatever else that makes you essentially human.
Even without all of the above, you’re most likely living a live with some amount of routine. Routines are a great way to save energy and be productive. They help. People live their lives in some sort of routines:
wake up. to morning stuff (breakfast, get dressed etc), go to work, come back from work, do other stuff, go to bed.
no matter how hectic your routine is, how apparently complicated, you are still more or less predictable in terms of how and when you can easily become a target.
routines are easily exploited when it comes to being killed, and your grandma could easily exploit any number of routines, from a severe peanut allergy by placing peanut butter in your order for food from some restaurant you typically order from when at work, all the while under the pretext of babysitting your newborn and under the alibi of having been with your baby at home for the entire day.
I’d say it’s potentially easier than ever to assassinate random people. There’s just so much more exposure. People have online profiles where you can check out a lot of their information. You don’t even need hacking skills, it’s enough to use your head and put stuff together.
But the main point is…don’t kill people. And don’t hire paid assassins to kill for you. Use GoT logic. If they’re worth dying, do the killing with your own hands. And do your best to get away with it. Or use the other logic: killing people is wrong. Don’t do it. Don’t get others to do it. Don’t fake your own death on an yacht only to attend your own funeral. Stay safe !

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