Do Indian Muslims hate Bangladeshis?


Do Indian Muslims hate Bangladeshis?

Mudassir Ali 11 months 1 Answer 172 views

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  1. I don’t use the word hate, this is a very strong word. I don’t think Indian Muslims hate Bangladeshis but some of them have some views that contradicts historical facts.

    1971 : Well not all of them but i met few Indian Muslims they believe Bangladeshis killed Muslims with the help of Hindus. Don’t think think that it came from any illiterate person. The people shared this view are highly educated and we’ll placed in MNCs. It doesn’t matter how much data you gave them but they will keep saying it.
    1952 : Bangladeshi people killed innocent Muslims because of speaking Urdu. Yep you heard me right.
    General : Bangladeshi Muslim don’t know actual Islam, they don’t even know the basic fundamentals.

    I believe this is not the view of all the Indian Muslims about Bangladesh. But this is what i have faced so far in England and Malaysia whenever i talked with Indian Muslims ( Not Indian Malaysians ).

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