Do Iranian people look like Arabs?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 18, 2020 05:02 AM

Originally Answered: Why do many Iranian people look Arabic?
People who write questions like this generally have good intentions, however, this is also the type of question someone with bad intentions would write.

The premise of the question is biased towards the person asking it.

One may assume certain facts because they are implied:
– Iranians do not look “white”
– Nordics and Russians look “white”
– Some Italians, Spanish, and Portugese “look Arabic”

People like this assume that “whiteness” is the slavic or Nordic look.

Newsflash: “whiteness” is not color, it’s bone structure.

Modern science established the “white” traits the author assumes are actually Neanderthal derived.

Whiteness is literally bone structure.

These people are white— Caucasoid in the Iranian and scientific sense. You can tell by their nose and hair. Of course, culturally some will be more dark skinned than others, and usually varies by environment of the populations.

The asker of this question asserts Arabs, Semitic people from Africa, originally looked white while the asker should know that the political status quo has the reverse situation going on: having slavics assert they are Semitic.

A photo of Benzion Mielekowsky, Prime Minister of Israel. Former university professor in the US who stated in 2009 “The tendency to conflict is the essence of the Arab. He is an enemy by essence. “

What’s particularly sad about questions like this are they imply or are expressions of complicity with religious extremism, zionism, and the perpetuation of the war machine towards the establishment of greater israel.

This would be nothing new. Iranians have been under continuous murder by London for more than 100 years. Again, it’s nothing new. Except the person asking is either totally aloof or maliciously striking against some fragile realities. Fragile because they can be kept suppressed for many more years, and cause further harm to an essential natural ally.

It’s also a paradox how one is able to maintain such a twisted view: complicit with the status quo’s identity assertions, and then acting against the obvious and implied truths based on those assertions. These types of inconsistencies could only exist in separate compartments, which would lead to a symptom of multiple personalities or some kind of psychopathy or sociopathy.

One set of truths in one compartment that are completely independent from the overlapping truths of another compartment. Both a pan-slavic regression to the Dark Ages: a period in history slavic people shined and the chosen identity of the status quo where global monetary policy is created in the City of London Corporation (i.e. primary stakeholders of the spiritual-military-social complex).

Really then the issue is not how the people look, it’s the perception of who is looking, and what the ramifications of the perception means to every living being on the globe.

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