Do Pakistani people know about the history of Bangladesh?

Mudassir Ali
Dec 20, 2019 04:48 PM 0 Answers
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Do Pakistani people know about the history of Bangladesh?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 20, 2019 04:49 PM

Interesting to see 3 responses out of 5 have come from Indians. This actually answers your question too. When you see a question that is directly related to Pakistan, for some reasons Indians feel entitled to respond to that instead of asking it from the Pakistanis they know on Quora.

This is the problem with the subcontinent and we aren’t moving forward. If there’s an actrocity commited by Pakistanis, Indians will come forward and say what they have said here while majority of Pakistanis will both deny and blame it on Indians. And the vice versa.

Mohsin has responded to the question very fairly. I’ll add a little:

You have to realize that the people who respond on Quora belong to a very tiny portion of the population and mostly are somewhat liberals/leftists. You will rarely get a response from the right part. Even if you would, it would speak more with emotions (like my dear Indians here) than with reason. You also have to realize that Pakistani textbooks portray army as gods so their faults aren’t known to the population. “Rape? They are a Muslim army, they can’t even think about it.” “Bangladeshis? Idiots, who supported our enemy Indians.” So, you see we either don’t even know about it OR feel good about it because well “Bangledeshis deserve it!” but this latter portion is very very small, but yes, it exists. If people hate anything about 1971, it was losing the land of Bangladesh and that is all because of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Army doesn’t have to do anything it. Of course, army is the god – how can it do anything wrong? It’s the democracy that commits all the crimes.

To help you feel at least a little good about Pakistanis, there is a growing population that is educating itself with parts of our history that we aren’t taught in the textbooks. You will feel more pain, shame and feelings coming from younger Pakistani generations than our older ones (So yes, there is hope that Bangladesh might one day get an official apology from Pakistan.) But I don’t think this part will feel ashamed because this portion of the population completely disowns army and whatever it does or has done. It’s not about Bangladesh only, it hasn’t been good to the rest of Pakistan too, except for some parts of Punjab – or so is believed.

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 20, 2019 04:49 PM

People from Pakistan often tries to deny the atrocities, or try to distance themselves from the genocides of 1971. The answers here are no different.

Germany killed millions of Jews. Do they take responsibility – yes. When Netanyahu blamed it on some Muslim figure, Germany spoke out.

Pakistan killed millions of Bengali people. Do they take responsibility – no. It is laughable that someone here telling that as he born after the fact, he does not have any responsibilities. Anyone who thinks the same way, is missing the point.

Bangladesh does not hold a single Pakistan citizen responsible, rather it holds the Pakistan as a country, responsible. Think Pakistan as a black box, whatever happens inside, Bangladesh or the world do not know. What are the outputs? Millions of dead Bangladeshi people. Any regret? Any apology? Any compensation? Any trial? Nothing!
There is another question here putting the freedom fighters in the same spot as Pakistan army. I would ask: who began the operation searchlight? What would you do if some outside force starts killing your innocent, burning your property, raping your sister, mother? You would talk peace with the beast or fight back?

India had something to gain? Of course ! But did they have to open the borders for 10-15 million Bangladeshi people? No! Look at the Syrian crisis – how many neighboring countries have opened the border for them? How many countries in the world have opened their borders for them?

Who killed protesters in Dhaka and all around the countries on a weekly, sometimes in a daily basis? Was it India? Or the Pakistan leaders? Who denied the basic rights for Bengali people – like speak in their own language? Just take a look at the budgets of Pakistan from 1947-71 and then you would understand the situation.

I would suggest you to do your own research. Then when you get enough angry, speak up against your politicians. Speak up against the torture and persecution of Baloch people. Then when you have a sensible government in power, apologize for the sins of your fathers, and hope for forgiveness.

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