Do Pakistanis Watch Indian News Channels?

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  1. Originally Answered: Do Pakistani Watch Indian News Channel?
    Indians news channels are banned in Pakistan for more than a decade ago by PEMRA (Read Govt of Pakistan). But this ban is practically applicable to cable TV networks only, not on dish TV. Whilst 90%+ people in Pakistan accesses Cable TV’s only. However individuals generally access Indian News channels on YouTube.

    Just like i watch sometimes Indian news channels on you tube for as fun. As Indian media over magnifies each and every single thing related to Pakistan like,

    Pakistan is going to be third biggest Nuclear power country.
    Pakistan is continuously manufacturing nuclear warheads, and increasing its nuclear stockpile.
    Hafiz saeed conducted a rally in Pakistan Administered Kashmir, and Pakistan Army immediately started firing across LOC.
    Pakistan is planning a big terror attack in India.

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