Do Turkish men prefer European or Turkish women?

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  1. Originally Answered: Do Turkish guys prefer Turkish or European girls?
    In my opinion(all the turks may not think like me)

    If they want to have fun, they choose European girls. Because Europeans are more free/relax (I don’t know how I can explain this in English) than many Turks in most cases.

    1. For example: Many Turkish girl do not consider having sex before marriage. According to belief of many turks(Islam) sex before marriage is immorality.

    2.Other example in a relationship with a turkish man is that they are very timid in a relationship. They are scared of approaching a girl.

    3. We don’t usually drink alcohol. We usually drink coke, juice. Not water,ayran(watery and salty yoghurt juice). We usually do not drink beer,wine,vodka because our society/culture does not consider it kind to drink with a woman. (Perceive it like this: go to the pub.)

    4. From the Turkish People’s view, we find Europeans more attractive than us… ( I confirm it too.)

    These examples are just for having fun). In short,most turkish girls generally avoid those fun things.

    But, but, but …

    If a Turkish guy wants to get married(they usually do not want), they usually choose a Turkish girl.

    Because actually,their moms would not let it to them to get married with to a foreign woman and usually they abide by these cultural things.

    Sorry girls✌

    But state of affairs(posture) and culture are changing. Our girls are getting more enthusiast to Europe and America. ☹️I do not know how it will be tomorrow.

    [Hey guys I wrote this content last year therefore you may not take it too seriously. Why I say that. Because I started studying in İstanbul and I saw some things are different than i thought. But old generations still thinking like that. (Above article) But this opinion current for developed cities.(my new opinion)]

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