Do Turkish people like Pakistani people?

Mudassir Ali
Dec 25, 2019 02:59 PM 0 Answers
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Do Turkish people like Pakistani people?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 25, 2019 02:59 PM

Originally Answered: Do Turks like Pakistanis?

Turks and Pakistanis are the same people separated by Iran.

It is not about alliances or governments — the Pakistani and Turkish people love each other (they both secretly love Iranians too but Iranians are more interested in relocating their geography to the vicinity of Switzerland, I think Italy is under consideration too)

Essentially Pakistanis, Turks and Iranians are three cousins —

Iranians are the culturally richest — they have the heritage of the past, the best poetry, they’ve mutilated their pronunciation till it sounds like a cousin of French (koja mereed is pronounced koja meere)
Turks had the last empire, they have oil wrestling, the best universities, secularism has made them scientific but the burdens of the empire has made them tierd
Pakistanis are the poorest of the three cousins — they are upstarts, they still speak farsi words in a way that make Iranians cringe (koja meereed, koja meereed) — but they’re secretly splitting atoms and want their empire too and are ambitious— the future of the family belongs to them.

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 25, 2019 02:59 PM

My father was a very young army officer in the British army (before Pakistan’s Independence). This was roughly 1944, the last months of World War II.

My father was driving a senior British officer in a jeep. They were somewhere in the Levant, crossing some border. They were standing in a que at the checkpoint when another military jeep hit them from the back.

My father came out to see what happened. It was a Turk army officer traveling by road back home. When he saw my father, he said, I didn’t know it’s you, a Pakistani (the Pakistan independence movement was raging at the time, and many people in the region knew about it). The Turkish officer said I wanted to disturb the English officer, but I wouldn’t have hit the car if I knew a brother was driving it.

My late father told me this story several times when I was a kid to show me how Turkish people felt about Pakistan.

After the war, my father visited Turkey a couple of times as a tourist.

Of course, I can’t speak for every Turk and every Pakistani, but generally, Turkish people are warmly received in Pakistan. This partially has to do with the fact that Pakistanis working in the independence movement also supported the Ottoman empire in its waning days, and made public displays of support (including Pakistani women donating jewellery for the Turkey war effort). This is part of the Pakistani national record.

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 25, 2019 02:59 PM

Originally Answered: Do Turks like Pakistanis?

My answer on a similar question.

Turkey, the Turkish government and the Turks care about Pakistan. Pakistan has proven to be a good ally and brother country. Whenever I speak to Pakistanis we feel an immediate connection. I think I can safely speak for all Turks if I say that Turks have not a significant negative opinion on Pakistan.

Infact, I always say that if Turkey were to go to war, Pakistan would be one of the first supporters that would help Turkey out in any way possible. The current government values the brotherhood with Pakistan.

Moreover, during the attacks in Turkey, 2016, which was a horrible year for the Turkish people, not many people changed their flags to the Turkish flag on Facebook to show their support. But Pakistanis did. They cried as we cried. When I heard about the attack in Lahore I dropped a few tears to be honest. I don’t say the rest of the world didn’t care though, but the Turkish Pakistani connection and relation is something to be cherished.

Pakistan Turkey zindabad!

EDIT: I received another question if Islam is the reason for our relationship. It isn’t the sole reason why we like our Bhais in the east. For a matter of fact, even less religious/secular/atheist or communist Turks can appreciate the fact that we have a good relationship. We are all one!

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