Do you know someone infected by the coronavirus (COVID-19)?


Do you know someone infected by the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Mudassir Ali 6 months 1 Answer 110 views

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  1. Yes, I am just getting over it.

    A persistent dry cough, no nasal congestion, full body fatigue for two or three days (it felt like my whole body, all of my muscles, had been severely overworked, as if I had worked out full-blast for way too long the day before, except I had not worked out at all the day before). Then the cough, plus low energy levels and shortness of breath. And some unsteadiness. I could only do a fraction of what I can usually do, as far as climbing stairs or other exertions go, before losing energy and breathing hard.

    I’m very healthy, though. I can see how it could devastate a less healthy or older person.

    It’s very easily transmitted. I was being very careful and still got it.

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