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  1. Of course

    My country Pakistan doesn’t recognize Israel, but I support the existence of Israel.

    As Israel was established, they called Muhammad Ali Jinnah to make some relations with Pakistan, Israel also asked if it could help Jews in South Asia to migrate to Israel but Jinnah didn’t even answer it.

    So why Pakistan should recognize Israel?

    First of all Israel doesn’t occupy the land of Palestinians even the Quran mentions that Israel is the land of Jews so the Palestinians are the real migrants.

    Second Israel doesn’t share any border with Pakistan so why this Nonsense hatred of Pakistanis against Israel?

    Third Israel always tried to be friendly with Pakistan but Pakistan disrespected Israel for this so called “Muslim Ummah”!

    Fourth Israel respects it’s minorities unlike Pakistan!

    Fifth we share a similarity and that is that our countries was created on the basis of religion and we are the only to countries in this matters, we could be great friends.

    Sixth if Israel is an illegal state so Pakistan is it too!

    I really wish that Palestine would merge with Israel one day because Israel respect its minorities, also Israel has a strong economy, a good education system, healthcare.

    Israel is developed so Palestinians would benefit from all of these points.

    Of course I hope that Pakistan recognize Israels we could be the best friends:)

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