Do you think it was right to hang Zulfikar Bhutto?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 06, 2020 04:14 PM 0 Answers
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Do you think it was right to hang Zulfikar Bhutto?

Mudassir Ali
- Jan 06, 2020 04:14 PM

Thanks for the A2A

No…I don’t think he deserved the death penalty in such controversial circumstances..First it was a 3–2 vote…In the USA to get the Death Penalty it has to be pretty much unanimous and thats out of a jury of 12 (not 5) …In all divisions they gave penalty of “life” not death.

Secondly the court was under the influence of the Martial Law Administrator General Zia ul Haq so definitely biased….

Bhutto was also a dictator in his own right (he became Civilian Martial Law Administrator, dissolved the elected Provincial Assemblies of two provinces (out of 4) because the “elected” people there were not from his Party, admitted to rigging and re-holding the 1977 General Elections of Pakistan etc etc.

He should have been Jailed but not Hanged.

Mudassir Ali
- Jan 06, 2020 04:15 PM

No. Bhutto may well have been guilty, but the trial was badly botched up by the military dictatorship.

Out of a panel of nine supreme court judges, one did not get his tenure renewed and the other drove over the Torkham border into Afghanistan with his family. Even then, the decision was split, with three out of the remaining seven judges finding Bhutto not guilty.

Some think that the military dictator was fearful after being threatened by Bhutto. So Bhutto was judicially murdered.

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