Do you think Lockdown will be open after April 15?

Mudassir Ali
Apr 08, 2020 02:00 PM 0 Answers
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Do you think Lockdown will be open after April 15?

Mudassir Ali
- Apr 08, 2020 02:00 PM

Let’s go through few points which will be helpful to understand the future of lockdown :

First of all, very common point. Indian government is doing preparation of 3 Months about everything.
It simply means, government is seeing atleast 3 Months of restrictions.
Secondly, most public services stopped from 24 March. So there are higher chances that many people got infected.
They will show symptoms in 2 weeks. We will see peak cases from first week of April. So can’t open India in second week because cases will not stop.
Thirdly, there’s still no vaccine or fix treatment of Coronavirus. It is still getting rapid.
So, Even if we control cases, India can’t allow people to go out and spread again. Till it vanishes completely, gatherings or public place can’t be opened.
China controlled it but it took 2 months of lockdown for China which is so advanced and developed country when China was working only on Coronavirus.
So, India can’t do it in 20 days when our health infrastructure is bit poor and government have to think about poverty and daily wage workers also to supply food and all.

Now let’s look at possibilities :

Let’s say India get best case scenario till 14 april : I mean only few thousand cases and everything remain control.
Still government wouldn’t want to take any risk and open India. It will go till end of april and then few relaxation to necessary service and industries. Large gathering have to wait till June or July.
Mild case scenario : Hundreds of cases everyday and entered stage 3.
Can’t open India because community spread will commence. One more month of lockdown will be announced and next announcement in may seeing condition.
Worst case scenario : Millions get infected as some reports say.
If this happens, people will automatically lock themself because the fear of getting virus after it effects millions. India will get back normal in 3–4 months atleast. This should never happen, India will collapse.

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