Do you think Lockdown will be open after April 15?

Mudassir Ali
Apr 07, 2020 07:14 PM 0 Answers
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Do you think Lockdown will be open after April 15?

Mudassir Ali
- Apr 07, 2020 07:14 PM

Well, most of the people in India might be having this query because people already are having this problem(they are feeling like a bird in a cage) of staying in their house despite lockdown. Umm. Let it be another point, I will not be deviating from question.

So, according to the trend of spreading of coronavirus and number of infected patients in other countries, I don’t think that lockdown will be opened after 15th April, rather, I feel that this may be continued till the end of May. This may sound weird or exaggerated. But the decision of extension of lockdown only depends upon future number of infected patients as well as major role will be played by central government.

If you see the trend of spreading of coronavirus in other countries, you can easily depict that the covid 19 curve is exponentially increasing day by day or week by week in various countries who have been worse affected. Here I’m attaching a data from which you can have an idea that how the curve is increasing with respect to a number of days:

In above data, you may have noticed that the most of the countries who have been badly affected are developed nations and the numbers are not stopping despite lockdown because of steps were taken at the point when the situation had gone out of control. If I talk about the current condition in India, the government has taken steps at the appropriate time by putting lockdown in each state and now people of India can only save themselves by following precautionary measures.

Every day in the morning, when I used to wake, I usually check the number of coronavirus patients and every time, the sudden increase in numbers can be noted down. I agree we can’t control whatever has happened till now, but we can control our future situation by staying in the home and taking precautionary measure. Every day I used to receive new videos of a policeman beating people for roaming on roads carelessly. I don’t understand why are we not understanding the situation. I feel for each policeman, doctors, nurses, medical staffs and others who are doing it for our life rather than staying at home. I also would like to salute to the family of those policemen, medical staffs who are allowing and encouraging them to do their work.

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