Does coronavirus cause death?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 11, 2020 11:03 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 11, 2020 11:03 AM

Originally Answered: The Coronavirus: Is it going to be the end of the world?
I have done battle with this virus before. Despite the talk and the fact that virus may be mutated etc I would like to explain how to fight it. It can be easily defeated.

Wash your hands a lot
Clean up your toilet facilities
If a significant level of infection is happening around your area, get your building plumbing inspected and repaired.
I know that seems to simple but the last time this virus stuck it’s head up that killed it. You don’t have that much of a problem as you might think. We can defeat this by simple measures.

Yes I was the one who wrote the report to the US-CIA on how to defeat this disease the last time and it worked.

Now unless you think this is funny, this is standard medical stuff and standard epidemiology. If you want to live and do well get everyone doing this stuff.

No virus will kill out everyone. People will survive. The sci fi terror of a lethal germ that kills everyone isn’t what happens. Actually the morality and morbidity and incubation times for this virus are close to as bad as it gets. More than likely this disease going to be coldcocked about as fast as it appears. We know how to fight it. Just everyone get with the program and it will go away.

This disease has a definite racial variant and it attacks Chinese people more than others. That doesn’t mean it will not bother others. The last time it appeared it was associated with failed plumbing systems of large high rise buildings in about 12 buildings. The location and conditions of this emergence look the same. There may be variations we do not know at this time.

The trigger for this outbreak is most probably some major event or condition that has developed in the past year where a lot of people moved in or out of the area of Wuhan China. I would suggest it is likely to be related to Chinese Military movements as such diseases typically associate so. But I do not know for sure. It could be some civilian movements or event.

Is the Chinese Communist Party being on the up and up on this? Probably not but this will sort itself out in time. The measures to control the epidemic are not different regardless. China has much issues with public health and safety that are not resolved and with it’s high population that makes thes much worse for the world and much more dangerous.

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