Does DOPA Gravitational Theory forecast anything?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 15, 2020 05:27 AM

The new DOPA Gravitational Theory answers many tests. That is the proof of its validity.

It answers:

1 How the universal gravitational field (UGF) is constructed.

2 It answers how the UGF holds the data that allow it to control matter.

3 It explains how the UGF controls matter under gravitational force.

4 it explains how the UGF handles the control of matter over vast time distances across the universe. (Neither Newton nor Einstein could do this.)

5 It explains how gravitational force (gravity) is created through Differential Opposing Partial Absorption of gravitational waves.

6 It explains why the maximum gravitational force of a planet or star is at its surface.

7 It explains how the direction of all nett gravitational force within a planet or star is inwards all the way to the core’s centre where it becomes a nett zero. (Unlike Newton’s theory where the alleged force has to reverse to outwards at some point within the planet or star).

8 It explains why there is a Roche limit between planets and stars.

9 It explains how shell theorem works without having to use Newton’s discredited gravitational attraction concept.

10 It explains why bodies are forced towards each other under the control of the UGF, without having to resort to Newton’s attraction theory.

11 It explains why the force of gravity reduces outwards from the surface of a planet or star in accordance with an inverse square law.

12 It explains how gravity operates within a solid mass such as a planet or star. (Neither Newton nor Einstein could do this.)

13 It explains why the gravitational force at the surface of a planet or star increases according to the inverse square of the radius of the planet or star if its mass is maintained constant. (neither Einstein nor Newton could do this.)

14 It explains the existence of inertia and momentum. (No one else has ever been able to put forward a successful reason for their existence.)

The significance of these fourteen statements is that DOPA Gravitational Theory forecasts the way that gravity is created and how it operates and manifests itself without having to invent a four-dimensional spacetime universe. It works in normal three-dimensional space with standard physics operations. Such a theory is well worth studying. It does not contradict nor query the concepts of relativity, it concerns only the creation of gravitational force.

It seems to me that if there are two theories and one has a working mechanism and the other doesn’t, then the one with the mechanism merits more consideration than the other. In the case of Newton: mysterious attraction and no explanation. In the case of Roberts: gravity waves with an explained mechanism.

The same applies to Einstein. He couldn’t even invent a space/time continuum right off the top of his head, he borrowed it from Minkowski, who had borrowed it from Poincaré and then Einstein says that spacetime is distorted just by the existence of matter. He doesn’t provide a mechanism for why matter distorts spacetime. We are supposed to just accept that it does.

So, instead of Newton and Einstein’s unexplained concepts, I now I propose that gravity waves are easy to understand and provide a mechanism for the production of the phenomenon we know as gravity.


Peter R Roberts.

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And, again updated by Peter Roberts on 7th February 2020.

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