Does Pakistan have confirmed cases of the coronavirus?

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  1. I doubt they even have an accurate number for them selves. Theres huge swatches of country that are tribal rule. They’re like the wild west with ak’s Pakistan officials and military can’t even go there. Not because theyre not allowed there,but ambushed and killed. This was where the taliban and al Qaeda ran to. Their intelligence organizations isi, helped create the taliban, and helped them when we invaded. They hid bin laden. So we just throwing money at some people that have hosed us at every turn. This area will be where the next overthrow of the government will originate. We’ll to make sure to thank aq Khan for stealing plans, data, and suppliers as and materials. Then selling that to anyone, this is how north Korea was able to make that leap forward quickly. Seeing as we’ll no doubt have to drop teams to secure their nukes, and take them with us. I hope they have time to go kick his door in to show our appreciation for his scientific contributions across the planet.

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