Does the corona virus outbreak scare you?

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  1. It is a very scary outbreak because it’s getting out of hand. The problem with Corona is that at first, when it started, people didn’t take it seriously. As the early symptoms resemble that of a common flu, people brushed it off thinking that they could get rid of it by drinking some hot soup and using medications that do not help too much. As they went to hospitals and described their symptoms and struggles, doctors thought that they had a cold and told them the prescriptions that you’d give for flu. The problem here is that they didn’t ask their patients to take some tests in order to verify that it was a flu and not something else. That is why it is getting out of hand. The other symptoms appear after few more days and that is enough time for them to interact with many other people. When they go home, they spread the virus to their family members who then spread it to others. The problem is that it resembles a common flu at its early stages and one cannot differentiate it if no measures are taken.

    We can clearly see that it has been blown out of proportions, and it truly is amazing many people. Only a few days ago, the health department officials were saying that it was not an issue and that the virus would be done for soon but it is clearly worsening. The virus is spreading throughout the whole world without much difficulty and it could become a pandemic if left at its current state. If is so bad that the prices of fruits have risen. A melon in Canada costs over 11$ CAD because they stopped importing fruits from China. A SINGLE MELON COSTS 11$ !!!!!!!!!!

    So that is why the outbreak scares me. It is simply because the virus is getting out of hand such as the Spanish flu.

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