Don’t people in China wish to live in a democratic country?

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  1. I don’t know other Chinese people’s answer to this question. My answer is “No”.

    I have to compare the US with China to explain the complex situation.
    The US economy is based on capitalism and private corporations. Politics is a business in the US. Politicians sell themselves to the voters and donators to make a career. In many cases public service is limited to the people who paid for it. If you are wealthy and pay more tax than the poor ones, you can have better police protection service, better public school, your children have better opportunity to enter a better university, you can have better lawyer services, your donation to the politicians will ensure that your words matters more than the others. This is the system in the US called democracy.
    But this system just cannot work in China. China is a crowded developing country with a proud history and civilization. There was a revolution and its legacy can’t just be ignored. China’s economy is based on socialism and public organizations. Chinese people have much higher expectations on their government and much fewer tolerance towards the wealthy ones. If a tramp falls dead on the street, it’s the government’s fault; if a remote village cannot access the power grid, it’s the government’s fault; if there is no good roads or railways, or the fees too high, it’s the government’s fault; if a university president lowers the standard for the wealthy kids or raises tuition, it’s the government’s fault (so top Chinese universities are almost free, filled with students from ordinary families, who can only enter by high NCEE score. Wealthy kids’ clubs do not exist in any Chinese university); and if the Chinese government cannot restore Chinese civilization to be the most advanced one, that’s evident enough for its incompetence.

    So China has to shift from socialism to capitalism to change into a democracy, that process will kill a large portion of Chinese population. We can see what happened in Russia after USSR collapsed. Russians thought that all the benefits of a socialism country would remain and they could have the extra right to vote. They were wrong. Most of the state owned properties, especially oil reserves, were swallowed up by new oligarchies and foreign companies. Teachers and doctors couldn’t get paid, savings were vaporized by inflation, and pensions were not enough to provide a basic living. Life expectancy for men almost shortened by ten years. Capitalism offers the rich and strong with a paradise, but also kills the poor and weak silently in big masses. If this kind of disaster happens in China, there won’t be any paradise promised by those evil propagandists or ignorant naive people, but a new revolution and a new CPC. So like it or not, democracy is just impossible for China.

  2. up North. I have also lived in China and Hong Kong for extended period of times. I have experienced both extreme polar opposites and I can say without a single doubt, that in my opinion, that the Chinese people are satisfied with its current government and does not care.

    Personally speaking, I don’t feel that China should be a democratic country.

    There are a few reasons, the main one being division.

    Having lived in England and have been susceptible to Western media and culture, Ive observed a few things. Democracy is ruled by the majority, we know that, but what I didn’t realise was that the majority of people are… quite intellectually deprived.

    Case in Point. Donald J. Trump.

    The newly elected President of the United States of America who struggles to compose a comprehensible speech that for the life of me, I do not understand the need for the ‘O.K.’ Signs. yet, coming from someone who says “I have words, the best words” can be elected as president of currently, the most geopolitically and economically advantageous country in the WORLD.

    It was shocking and it revealed how ineffective democracy is. People are in disarray over this and riots have ensued all over.

    The lack of unity demonstrated here may be quite small scale and even if a small portion of the population riots, it can dealt with with swift and efficiency. However, in a population of 1.4 billion and growing, a small portion can be a crisis.

    Second case in point. Brexit.

    Now, when it was announced in Britain, my chemistry teacher (a biochemist), eliminated the possibility of Brexit saying that “people are not stupid enough” to do so. Lo and behold, here we are, in an obviously biased vote that was fuelled by xenophobia, the future generations of Britain will now have to face the consequences of article 50. Another clear demonstration that democracy is just a catalyst for anarchism and misguided utilitarianism.

    If the entire country were satanists and there were only a few who were not. The vote of the majority would be to sacrifice the blood of the first born child or something. Voted by irrational and misinformed people.

    Back to why I do not believe China should become democratic. I feel that democracy is just another word for ‘Illusion of Free Will’, where people believe they have the freedom, when in fact, the freedoms the people of England, or America is not that different than that of the Chinese. There is simply no need and there are a lot of accomplishments at the expense of trivial personal freedoms that other countries can only dream of.

    From historical and CPC point of view, China has been a global power for centuries and it was only recently that China was dubbed the “Sick child of Asia” (Not anymore, for obvious reasons). However, due to division of civilisation and the sheer diversity of China that has always been the downfall of this once great and peaceful civilisation. Three Kingdoms, Civil War after civil war till she was invaded and torn apart by Western powers.

    With the introduction of Democracy, I can see that if some groups of people want this and some want that. True, it is good to hear out, but eventually we will all have our hands underneath our ass and screaming at each. And when the day we’ve exhausted all our voices and we lift our hands, we draw arms and massacre each other.

    This is a Western-orientated site, so it is natural for people to believe that democracy is the real and only answer for every country. If you believe that, then you may as well be the fools in Washington who thinks they rule the world.

    In the West, people use the human rights issue as an excuse to diminish the sheer amount of good the CPC has done. It is estimated that since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, well over 800million people have been lifted out of poverty. The World Food Programme has now enlisted China as a forefront to counter world hunger.

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  4. As a Chinese, I’m living in Inner Mongolia and now studying in WuHan, I can tell you that I have lived a democratic life in some way.

    Although I may have no right to vote, I may have no right to decide which people will become my countries’ leader. I mostly satisfy with the current political system. My quality of life has gradually improved in my 20 years of life in an amazing speed. This country offers me safe life, free 12-year education up to University. I can go everywhere by high-speed rail in several hours, I can go out to have delicious BBQ at two o’clock in the middle of the night and there is no need to worry about any security issues. Is my freedom restricted? Appearently NO

    In my University Campus or on the Internet, I always talk with my friends and mates about politics, many of these critical opinions have been publicly discussed on the Internet. Even in politics class, Teachers will teach some of mistaken policies that have been made by CCP, and discuss with us to figure out why CCP embark on a wrong path and how can we improve it. We even criticize some of the government’s absurd policies and curse corrupt officials. Do I suffer from political persecution? Appearently NO

    And I can use ins, twitter and quora to see you guys, there are many anti-Communist speeches among them. And This phenomenon also happened to many of my classmates around me. Are we blocked and arrested? Appearently NO

    Nowadays, I can see with my own eyes that my motherland is swiftly becoming stronger. My life is more and more wonderful, I can do everything what I want to do, No more restriction than anyone living in a so-called “democratic country”. Ukrainians and Libyans have gained democracy, Iraqis and Afghans have gained democracy. Do they experience a better life than us? I don’t think so. THEREFORE, WHY I SUPPOSE TO WISH TO LIVE IN A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY?

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