During WW2 the Soviets were said to produce an extremely effective tank, that it destroyed the German tanks readily. Is this true?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 17, 2020 03:56 PM

Of course it is true – the victory parade was of German tanks in Moscow or was it of Soviet tanks in Berlin?

By far the most effective tanks was T-34/85. It was marvel of technology. Not so much technology for its fighting powers but technology to make it fast. You could have one for just 3500 man hours (late model, first T-34/76 were in 7000 – 8000 range). That is it.

T-34 for its cost to the cost of say Panther did indeed destroy the later – as per another answer it took just 2.5 Soviet tanks to destroy one German tank late in the war, yet it took staggering 300,000 mh to produce early Tiger 1… It took around 55,000 mh to make a panther (later model).

so 1 / 2.5 * 3500 mh / 55000 gives us that T-34/85 was over SIX times as effective as a panther. Wow. Who knew. Even if we use Panzer IV late variant etc. T-34 wins big. Sure T-34 was not exactly pretty in its “war finish” with gaps in the armor and uneven welding in addition to a hammer near gear change level for the driver but boy it worked great for what it was used.

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