What are some easy beauty hacks for girls?

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1.For beautiful hair

Add 1tsp to your shampoo if you have oily scalp,you’ll be able to live with oil free scalp for longer time.

2.For dense eyebrows & eyelashes

Add1/4 of aloevera gel ,1/4 of castor oil & 1/2 od vitamnin E and apply using mascara brush before going to bed for a month.

3.For dark circles

Add spent coffee grounds to coconut oil & apply this mask 3–4times a week for 15–20minutes.

4.For a healthy body(at home)

Mix 2tsps of ginger ,5tsps cosmetic clay &10tsps of warm water together & apply them on belly or arms and wrap with a plastic wrap for an hour & then take a hot shower.(once a week)

5.For Smooth legs

Mix 1/4glass of lemon juice ,2glasses of sugar & 1/4 glass of water.Leave it untill it becomes golden then apply against you legs hair growth then sharply remove the paste.

6.For beautiful & strong nails

A mix of coconut oil & honey with a few drops of lavender oil is perfect for strengthening the nails.

7.For blackheads

Mix 1tsp of warm water,1tsp of flour & 1tsp of honey together,apply for 10–15 minutes.

8.For gorgeous armpits

Apply smashed raw ground potatoe to the area for lightening it.

9.For sunburn

Apply baking soda for 10–15minutes.

10.For tender heels

Add 2 cup of warm water & 1/2 cup baking soda with 1cup vinegar & apply for 10–15minutes.

11.For fresh face

Make a freshening spray by mixing aloe gel with purified water in 1:3ratio.

12.For pleasent fragrance

Spray your comb with your perfume and brush your hair 2–3times.

🙂 Good luck!!

Answered on January 14, 2019.
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