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      Am I eligible for financial aid at LUMS?

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      Asked by Rukhshan on January 10, 2019 in Education.
      1 Answers

      Of course you are. However, NOP is your best way forward if you are coming to LUMS.

      It is important to understand LUMS fee structure and financial aid program though.

      The fee has three main components; security, registration and tution, hostel and lab charges.

      There are four financing options available; merit scholarships (12 seats), need based Financial aid, LUMS loan (interest free) and NOP. All four cover tution fee. Only NOP covers all 3 expenses.

      Financial aid students pay security fee, and fee for hostels and registration. You will have to provide detailed information of your assets and sources of income to apply. Please be honest in this process. Its a long and tiring process so start early and be patient. You may get a hybrid offer with loans, and financial aid in it. If its not good enough for you, apply for reevaluation.

      Lab charges are only for those applying to SSE. They are currently ~50k per semester. You have to pay them even if you are on financial aid. Only NOP students are exempt. Even those on merit scholarship pay these.

      That is not all. There are other costs as well. If you are a hostellite then there are living expenses such as food, transportation, grocery and toiletries, clothes. Food is major expense because only PDC is affordable for many. If you are a day scholar, there are transportation expenses. You will need at least 7000 per month if you live really frugal. If yiu are NOP student, you can get a stipend to cover that, otherwise start teaching tutions or freelancing to cover for it. Lots of students do that.

      I wish you all the best in your admission process and results. Hope to see you in LUMS. Its ana amzing place and you will find several avenues to help yourself and your family. If you need help in finding work or information, feel free to get back to me.

      Answered by Akonwick on January 14, 2019..