From where can I buy wholesale Lunda in Lahore

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From where can I but wholesale lunda shoes.




Exploring Lahore famous Landa Bazaar

Landa Bazaar is famous for its used articles in cheap price, which attract the lower- and middle-income group.

The market has different specialist markets inside e.g. the shoe market, hand made clothes etc. The Landa Bazaar was given this name because it had no roof above it, however later it was renovated and made more comfortable. All the shops are owned by Pathans, who have come from Peshawar or Quetta. The market, due to its historical background, is one of the most famous among markets of similar nature in various parts of the country. All major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Hyderabad, Larkana, Sukkur, Multan, Lahore, Qasur, Khushab, Dera Ismail Khan, Rawalpindi and Peshawar etc have their own 0Landa Bazaar for their citizens.

For the last five to eight years, heavy import duties and price inflation has affected the second-hand clothes’ market as well. The Landa Bazaar of Lahore has many different markets in it, all known for their specialties, like the most famous new market, the shoe market, ready-made clothes market and Babu Market

In Lahore, people come from all over Punjab, and other places, to purchase commodities for their personal use as well as in large quantities for their retail outlets. Surrounded by some historical places like Sarai Sultan Gate, Shaheed Gunj Mosque, the renowned Presbyterian Church, Don Bosco High School, Police Lines, Delhi Gate, the city’s biggest Government Polytechnic College for Boys, Aslam Khan Road, the Lahore Railway Station, Railway Headquarters, Branth Road, Domoria Pull, Luha Bazaar and the Naulakha Bazaar. Lahore’s main Haji Camp is also close by. In a way, the market offers more fun to visitors is more than a mere buying and selling point, especially for those interested in exploring Lahore’s history.


For the last five to eight years, heavy import duty, inflation and raise in petroleum prices have caused a significant rise in second hand item rates. From this bazaar, people buy used clothes for the summer and winter season. Within its main body, the Landa Bazaar has many different kinds of markets, known for their specialties, like the most famous new market, shoe market, ready-made clothes market and Babu Market. Almost all things are available at the Landa Bazaar of Lahore from shoes to blankets and from toys to electronic items. One can find all the famous western brands selling jeans women’s handbags.

We all are well aware that it is impossible for a common man to buy a new shirt or a sweater in the prevailing circumstances when daily income of a worker is around Rs 300 while the price of a shirt is in thousands of rupees. Prices of new jackets and sweaters are skyrocketing and out of reach of a common man. These used clothes are imported from Europe, US, South Korea, Australia, Singapore and Thailand. People belonging to the lower middle class buy used clothes, and interestingly even the elite is also interested in buying items from these bazaars. However, stall owners that deal in branded imported clothes and other items have parroted some English sentences and brand names like “price is final,” “no bargaining” etc to impress customers. The poor people usually avoid such stalls, as they fail to bag good deals.

Once the weather changes, warm clothes will arrive in markets in large quantities and many people belonging to the middle and lower-middle classes will frequently visit these bazaars. Interestingly, prices here are quite affordable and much less than other commercial areas in the posh parts of the city. But still you need to be good at bargaining. The seasoned shopkeepers would on the first sight make a judgment whether the buyer is new, and would announce a fairly high price. If you are new to the bazaar and you are not good in bargaining then make a rough idea by just guessing and telling half the price asked. Little wonder if you succeed in getting the article on what price you have suggested, and then you should feel lucky.

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