Gun shop employees, what are some red flags you’ve seen when somebody wanted to purchase a gun?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 03, 2020 11:59 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 03, 2020 11:59 AM

This is a sad story, but I can sleep at night. I went to work in a gunshop with an indoor range. The manager offered me the job, though I had no experience. He gave me tips on things to watch for, and how to ‘read” people. You can’t read all people, as criminals disguise themselves.
We had a customer walk in and ask about different guns. It was obvious he didn’t have a clue. He asked questions for hours and he finally picked a gun. As we started the paperwork, I asked this young man if he lived at home with his parents. He said he did. So, I asked if they would allow him to bring a gun into their home. He said he did not know, and seemed unsure of himself. I stopped the paperwork, and told him he could finish it when the waiting period was over, and that I would hold everything.
I was off for a few days, and a policeman came in asking for a weapons check. He wanted to see the paperwork from this guy. I had not seen him come back and assumed he didn’t, but I was wrong. He came back on my off day and bought the gun from another salesman. It turned out, he was on furlough from a mental hospital and stayed with his parents on weekends, and he decided to kill himself.
I was angry. I had sensed something was wrong after talking to him. I declined to be his salesman, but the guy who sold the gun felt even worse.
Sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling. But you also can’t discriminate.

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