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  1. Originally Answered: has technology changed education methods?
    Technology has changed education methods/ pedagogy in 3 (main) ways

    communication- with students (learners), parents (of students), and other educators. Quick, collaborative, and focused communication.
    assessment- tools such as Google Docs (and Forms, Classroom, etc) help teachers to know what their students know, understand, and do, and technology can also help educators keep track of data effectively- lots better than paper and pencil, and easy to track over time
    Differentiated Instruction- teachers can introduce new learning to individuals or groups using the power of tech (podcasts, videos, individualized instruction, guided practice, apps for skill drill, voice recognition, the list goes ON and On and on!), have students access varied text (or information) quite instantly, and for some people, adding technological tools makes learning engaging
    … there are hundreds more examples of how technology changed learning & teaching, but for me these are the trio that top the charts!

    I have taught for 27 years, and I use technology as ONE resource/ best practice that helps me to know my learners well, communicate with learners, and ensure that my planning & recordkeeping are accurate, fair, and helpful.

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