Has the coronavirus from China spread to other countries?

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  1. Originally Answered: If the coronavirus spreads out, is China responsible?
    Absolutely, and without a doubt.

    Notwithstanding the fact that virus can break out anywhere, its the responsibility of the originating country to first contain it, then use all the sensible methodologies, including bringing in international expertise to deal with it.

    The CCP did none of the above.

    The very fact that the virus started spreading in December, in Wuhan )centre of the epidemic) as early as early part of the month, and medical personnel already knew of its existence, and attested by the fact that 8 doctors jointly warn others about the virus, and in return for their sense of public duty conscienceness, was arrested and forced to sign confessions for disturbing social stability and spreading falsehood ( and today Police still have an open file on them and not apologized for their tomfoolery) says in spades the incompetence of the CCP, and their habitual DNA of deny, obfuscate about anything ‘sensitive’ to TRUTH.

    Consequently, no remedial action was taken, although Xi himself ruefully conceded that he knew about it in early January. SO – WTF did he not do anything about it – HUH ?

    Half of the Wuhan City emptied – mostly returning to hometowns , as an age-old custom of spending Chinese New Year with their families, bringing and spreading the virus throughout China, and some by holidayers to other countries.

    If timely earlier action had been taken – in the crucial period of early January – the clusterfuck disaster could have been avoided.

    Plus – a very prominent academic from one of the leading Chinese Universities called Xi clueless in his handling of the crisis.

    You be the judge on whether the CCP is responsible.

    As a sidenote, I have had a few of my well answers on the subject, substantiated by complete articles published by SCMP, HK’s preeminent news media – owned by no less than Jack Ma, China’s richest man, and a CPP member, collapsed by Quora – whereas other apologist CCP articles remain intact.

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