Have you ever been treated differently at an airport because of your passport?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 31, 2020 09:28 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 31, 2020 09:28 AM

A very nice question.

Yes it happened to me when back in 2014, my mother RIP was seriously ill. We came I mean my wife and two sons use to love alot my mother alot . Well everything went well, we left from Toronto Pearson Airport to Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Well here I should mention the big hearts of Turkish people. They are a great nation. We arrived Karachi. My mother was discharged from the hospital and we flew back. I have two sisters. In between she fell sick again and we have to fly back.

But when she passed away, on our way back , this time the flight stop over was Abu Dhabi Airport and the next stop over was Chicago.

Any Dhabi airport is another Pentagon. I cannot believe the attitude of Emirates national security guards . The Americans were lenient but security people were pathetic. They took me to a separate room and asked some nonsense stupid questions.

Most of the guards were Arabs

They asked me why you flew to pakistan three times in a year. Are you a secret agent. Your physique is like that. Are you an ISI agent.

I told them the whole thing and being taller is not my fault. It was 2 hours, and every pakistani, indian, African were being interrogated like criminals in a muslim country .

My mistake I took a connecting flight to Chicago. In chicago ohh my God another two apocalyptic hours. When we reached Toronto Pearson canada we were greeted like we were in Karachi.

My stay over at Abu dhabi was terrible.The guards attitude was obnoxious, even I tried to speak Arabic but they ignored me.

I want to forget that journey but a learning experience.

May Allah protect us all. Aameen

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