How, as a police officer, did you respond when someone threatened you?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 24, 2020 01:24 PM

One day, on day shift in about 1990, I was working with a guy who was fresh off training. I had probably been off training for about 18 months, so between us that hoop was overflowing with experience.

We were rolling kind of fast through a neighborhood called Presidential and passed a house with Harley Davidsons backed up to the curb, from one property line and into the other. They also filled the front yard. We could hear a party going on and saw a couple of guys go inside wearing Mongol jackets.

I didn’t slow down. We reached the corner, turned it and then I stopped. I told my partner that we were going to go back to the house. I was going to start on one side, he was going to start on the other side and we were going to copy down all of the license plates. Then we would get back into the car, roll back out of sight and run the plates for warrants, or to see if any of them were stolen. He said okay.

We rolled back, stopped and started on the plan. I don’t think I had copied down three license plates when the front door and side gates burst open and the yard was flooded with bikers wearing Mongol jackets and vests. Swell. One guy stepped between me and the bike I was looking at. The rest stayed either on the sidewalk, or farther back on the front lawn. The guy in front of me, who I will refer to as Mongol #1, politely asked, “What in the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

I informed him of what I thought was pretty obvious, “I’m copying down all of the license plates.”

Then we began a serious and comprehensive debate about the 4th amendment and maybe the 1st amendment. My opponent’s Mongol brethren seemed rather interested in how the debate would end, but were doing a very good job of trying to maintain impartiality, by remaining on either the sidewalk, or the grass and refrained from taking sides, or offering their brother encouragement. My partner seemed to have little confidence in my ability to debate the issue as he kept shooting nervous, sidelong glances toward the Mongol biker horde. The conversation went something like this;

“You’re not taking down my license plate!”(He took a step closer to me)

“Yes I am.” (I took a step closer to him, so that now we were almost toe to toe)

“No you’re not”

“Yes I am.”

“No you’re not”

“Yes I am.”

“No you’re not”

(this debate had nuances of legalese that the reader might get bored with, so I’ll just skip to the end)

“Yes I am.”

“No you’re fuckin’ not”

“Look, you’re not from around here. I can tell, ’cause if you were, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, your ass would be up there on the grass with your pals, while my partner and I finished what we were doing. So, I’ll explain it to you. In fact, I’ll explain it to all of you, just in case some of your buddies aren’t from around here. Right now, you and your pals got me and my pal outnumbered by about a bunch to two. On the other hand, me and my pal can have a bunch more of our pals rolling in here in about a minute, at which time, me and my pals will have you and your pals and any other pals you got in that house, or in the backyard, proned out on the grass at gunpoint. We will pat you all down for weapons, we will check you all for symptoms of being under the influence of narcotics, we will check you all for being intoxicated in public view and we will run all of you for warrants. At the end of this, most, if not all of you will go to jail for weapons violations, various narcotics charges, interfering with a peace officer and various misdemeanors. Many of you will have your parole and probation agents contacted. Paroles will be violated and probation officers will do whatever they want to do with you. OR, you can step the fuck back outta my way, let us finish what we are doing without interference and we will be on our way.”

At this point, the Mongol onlookers seemed to conclude that I had won the debate and began urging my opponent to;

“Just let him do his job, Bro!”

“Get outta his fuckin’ way man!”

“Come on, don’t start any shit!”

My opponent stepped out of my way and joined his brothers on the grass.

I nodded at my partner, and we continued copying plates down.

We got in our car and drove back around the corner to run the plates. My partner said,

“Dude, I was never so fuckin’ scared in my fuckin’ life! I can’t believe you weren’t fucking scared!”

“Brother, I was scared as a motherfucker! But what the fuck? They fuckin’ had us. Even rolling code 3, with those goddamned railroad tracks, we’d be lucky to have units here in five minutes… and if the train was rolling, it would be more like fifteen! Either way, we’d be fuckin’ deader’n dogshit. Our only chance was to bluff those fuckers. Only one guy was being an asshole. The others were on the fence, so I just had to bluff them.”

About a minute later we heard the rumble of dozens of Harleys starting up and taking off.

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