How bad is coronavirus in Russia?


How bad is coronavirus in Russia?

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  1. Officially, the situation is under control. As of right now, we have more than 160 thousand people tested, 438 confirmed cases of Coronavirus (71 new cases since yesterday), 17 people cured, 0 deaths, a number of vaccines in development, dozens of thousands of people quarantined and little to no spread among the general population. Most of the patients and the people in quarantine are Russians who have recently traveled abroad and their family members, colleagues and friends.

    With those statistics, we are primarily hurt by the broad anti-virus measures. Like the closing of schools, universities, movie theaters, etc or the closing of the state borders.

    But, that’s for now. With that many people ill or potentially ill (and how many of virus carriers were not found by the authorities?), uncontrollable spread among the populace can start at any time. We probably have enough hospital beds to care for the initial wave or two or three of widespread Coronovirus in Moscow, but the following waves can become truly deadly. And the hospital situation is worse in the regions.

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