How bad is Pakistan’s image internationally?

Mudassir Ali
Dec 27, 2019 02:10 PM 0 Answers
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How bad is Pakistan's image internationally?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 27, 2019 02:10 PM

I think I can answer this one as one of my siblings have traveled abroad and know really well about the image of their country. I am writing based on my experiences and no one can change my views. Creative suggestions are always welcomed.

My sister is an immigrant and currently is living in Sydney, one of the most expensive cities in the world. She left Pakistan when she was eight months pregnant. One of our neighbourhood guys was there at that time doing some academic courses so she tried to connect with him so that he could help with the basic necessities such as home to stay when they arrive. Let me tell you, every student irrespective of their home country tries to manipulate others who are new in that region, it could be the jealousy of the visa status or maybe the right to earn.

She was already in trauma to leave us in that state but she had to leave as there were strict date deadlines. Anyways, he saw this an opportunity to make some cash, settled things with someone already living there(Pakistani student couple), and they literally made their life hell. Both my sister and BIL understood that they just want to make money from them and nothing else. They are not even taking this into account that she is pregnant and hence needs more attention than an ordinary woman. Even once, when they both went to look for another house, the couple did not open the door of the house on their arrival, and my sister was literally about to pee on the road (whenever she gets pregnant, she is really unable to control this.). That was it.

Another home they went to, was owned by a Hindu couple and they really took care of her. They even offered their car in case of any emergency and the delivery date was near. Soon after the baby, my sister’s family shifted to my uncle there and hence my BIL was able to win a job in that tenure and quickly decided to go for their own home. Now things were pretty good for them. After some time, the same neighborhood guy called her to get some help(he knew that her family has been settled in Sydney). Guess what?, my BIL and sister never picked up his calls, ever again. When he was back in Pakistan, he visited us and casually told us ‘Pakistanis when are abroad, don’t help each other at all’. He forgot that he got what he planted. We knew everything but did not want to embarrass him for that. We too never picked up his calls again, ever.

Even today, my sister has high regard for that Hindu family who was there for them even when they knew that in return, they won’t be getting anything back. She being a mother of two daughters, doesn’t really get close to anyone but deep inside she knows that Pakistanis are not trustworthy at all.

Note: Guys, I already wrote this that I am not trying to tarnish my country’s image. I belong to the same country but I am not like this. This is purely an incident that made an impression for me. Please don’t come up with the comments that I should not generalize it. I know this already. It is just that, that time for my family was way crucial and I still am not able to digest the fact. The one who harms them is certainly harming me and I am not able to forgive them!

Thanks much!

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