How badly affected is Russia by the coronavirus?

umaan waqar
Apr 24, 2020 03:49 PM 0 Answers
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How badly affected is Russia by the coronavirus?

umaan waqar
- Apr 24, 2020 03:49 PM

Yesterday, Russia had reportef 52 new cases of coronavirus, marking a 35% jump in cases in the past 24 hours.There have now been 199 cases of coronavirus infections reported in Russia so far and one death.

Russia isn’t as infected as most countries, in fact, they’ve just had their first Coronavirus death today (20-3). How did Russia manage this when the outbreak originated with China which shares such a large border with Russia?

The Russian government first increased its control over individuals arriving in the country from China on January 23, 2020, but it did not limit any means of transport until January 31. On that day, Russian officials closed off direct trains from Moscow to Beijing and closed its ground border with China to foot traffic and automobiles. Not everybody agrees on this though.

Pro-Kremlin media have been spreading disinformation about coronavirus with the aim of “aggravating” the public health crisis in the west, the European Union’s diplomatic service has concluded in a leaked report.

More than 218,900 people have been infected by the novel coronavirus across the world and 8,926 have died, with cases and deaths outside China overtaking those in the country where the outbreak began, according to a Reuters tally. Infections outside China have been reported by 172 countries.

In Mainland China, which has 80,907 cases, there have been 3,245 deaths. Italy, the second-hardest hit nation, has seen 2,978 deaths among 35,713 confirmed cases.

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