How Calculate Mobile Phones Taxes in Pakistan ?


How to Find Out Exact Tax/Customs Rates on Mobile Phones!

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  1. Mobile Phone Taxes

    You can bring in one mobile phone (feature or a smartphone) to Pakistan without paying customs duty or tax. But, if you are planning to “import” a phone or bring with you more than 1 (one) mobile device, you’d have to pay taxes for each respective device whether a feature phone or a smartphone/tablet.

    How does the table above calculate taxes?

    For every cell phone, these are the various taxes that you will be liable to pay if you are importing a phone through Ali Express or any eCommerce website online.

    1. Customs Duty = PKR 250 Fixed

    2. Regulatory Duty (Based on phone prices in USD)

    • If $1 to $60 = PKR 250
    • If $61 to $130 = 10% of Mobile value
    • If $130+ = 20% of the Value of the Phone

    3. Sales Tax = PKR 1500

    4. Additional Sales Tax = 3% Fixed

    5. IT Duty = 9%

    6. Mobile Levy (based on phone prices in PKR)

    if cell phone value is PKR 10,000 to 40,000 = mobile levy will be PKR 1000

    If PKR 40,000 to 80,000 = PKR 3000

    If Over PKR 80,000 = PKR 5000

    7. Provincial Tax = 0.9%

    Add the above values and you will get the exact tax value that you’ll have to pay.

    Want us to find the applicable tax on a smartphone that is missing in the calculator above?

    Simply, comment below the name of the smartphone along with the model, we’ll let you know the tax that you’ll be liable to pay for that smartphone. We’ll also add it to the calculated taxes table above.

    Hope you found out the excise duty for the mobile phone you plan to import. We know these rates are high and we think the government should take appropriate steps to minimize these taxes soon.

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