How can humans become directly infected with the Ebola virus?

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  1. Several ways of acquiring the Ebola virus:

    contact with an animal that is a virus carrier. It is not certain which animals carry Ebola – perhaps some bats, or some exotic tropical creatures. One would need to be scratched or bitten by such animal.
    breathing air that contains virus particles. For that, it would be necessary for the particles to be at some minimal concentration. This can be obtained when carriers or sick animals or humans are located in some enclosure – a building, a cave, or other such limited space.
    contact with materials that contain virus (clothing, bedding, soil, etc.)
    contact with body fluids, secretions, feces, etc. of infected and symptomatic person or animal, as the other answer said.
    John Preston gives good account of Ebola epidemics in “Hot zone” and some more recent publications.

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