How can I convince my aunt to touch her navel?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 13, 2020 05:01 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 13, 2020 05:01 AM

So first of all, u hv to remember she is your aunt & there should be no disrespect in any way. Clearly you are attracted by her navel.

Now, talking about u convincing her to let u touch her navel can get very awkward for her. Depending on ur relation with her – she might laugh and say “why?” or she may laugh and call u “crazy” or she may ask “what is the reason?”. Be very careful with what u say in return. If u find awkwardness then laugh and walk away. If u see her initiate a dialogue with u then try to be a little honest and tell her u saw her navel and felt like touching it to tickle and DO NOT say u are attracted to her navel because that make u sound like a pervert. There are many scenarios to this – but if she laughs and covers her navel with her hand saying “please no tickling” then u hv a small window of opportunity. Make sure you dont hv other family members around so she can be herself without being self-concious. If u see her smiling and still covering her navel with her hands then get a little playful and try to pull her hand away. Make sure she is still smiling while u are trying to move her hands away..if u feel her hand a little loose on her navel then she wants u to think that she is stopping u from touching her navel..but in actuality she is probably ok with u to move her hand away from her navel. Slowly move her hand away and very important that u continue to hold her hand so she still feels that she is not willingly allowing u to get what u want. Do not make any comments about her navel..just tell her to take a deep breath as she will most likely by now close her eyes. Use your index finger only and gently touch her navel and tickle it till she continues to laugh..but eventually she will move your hand away. Do not try to repeat it again. U wanted to touch her navel and u did it so be satisfied. Make sure you do not try to touch anywhere else on her she is still ur aunt and u still hv to respect her. Hopefully this act will not leave a bad taste in her mouth & will continue to hv faith in u.

Do not ask me how I know this will work..cause i dont. Good luck.

Respect your aunt..don’t forget that.

Smiles and tk cr!

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