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  1. If you want to day trade then first you’ll have to open a trading account with a brokerage firm. There are many good brokers – zerodha, upstox, 5paisa etc available in india at competitive rates and good services. The process of opening the account is online and can be expedited incase aadhar card is used as id proof.

    To day trade and generate a steady source of income with it you’ll have to learn to analyse the markets, identify key S/R price levels for a given stock and know how to read charts the right way.

    Apart from having time tested strategies, successful day traders also develop certain traits like discipline, patience, mental toughness, adaptability and emotion-less decision making which in turn enables them to implement these strategies more effectively , in different market conditions.

    In my opinion there are some of the key elements in the quest for long term success in day trading.

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