How can I get a job in Canada?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 31, 2020 12:09 PM

Originally Answered: How does one get a job in Canada?
“He who has a Why to live can bear with almost any How.” ~ Nietzsche.

I risked it all, sold all my stuff in India and came to Canada without a job as if Canada was calling me. I knew I had to get it right, because there was no backup plan.

My job hunt experience taught me a few things that might be helpful in your quest too.

~ APPLY DILIGENTLY: I applied for more jobs in Canada than I ever had in my life previously. So, be prepared to do that.

~ PR MATTERS: First 10 or so calls I received were all in vain since they all needed a PR or even an applied status of PR. So, yes PR makes things easier for many companies( especially for banks and if you wish to work as a contractor.)

~ THE CANADIAN EXPERIENCE MATTERS: There are 2 parts to it. If you studied here in Canada, the way an employer will judge you will be different. For an outsider though, the Canadian experience is vital though. However, this will be the case for your 1st job mostly.

~ BE SPECIFIC: I made the mistake of applying to whatever I could my hands on and that appears to the desperate strategy. But, I’ve come to the opinion that it is always better to apply only to those jobs that are specific to your niche, competencies.

~ TAKE TIME: If you are targeting ‘specific jobs’ pertaining to your skill, it also gives you extra time to learn, refresh and dwell on topics from that domain and also to prepare your resume accordingly.

~ ENGLISH/ FRENCH MATTERS: The first thing an employer will see in you is your speaking ability(esp. English for everywhere, French for Quebec). Your personable quality is the one that gets you hired.

Many jobs have the requirement to know English+French. So having the language skill increases you job prospects.*

~ PART TIME BUT AT WHAT COST: People often get swayed by the notion of earning that extra bucks doing some part time job. But the part time could take your time away from applying from jobs. So, just make sure you have a right balance.

The most important ones:

~ POLISH YOUR RESUMES – Doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is. Make it short, simple and include all that is necessary for that job requirement and you’re sure to hit the mark.

~ GROW YOUR SKILL: Nothing really beats this. You may get a job somehow and the story goes. But when you know a skill, the confidence is amazing and going to work or interview is not a burden.

~ BE PATIENT: Don’t lose hope. It could be the end of the holiday time of the year or perhaps your bad luck. For the first 20 days I was here, I never received a single call. After 1.5 months, I was consistently receiving calls for jobs.

However, I have seen people struggling to get a job and going back to study after all. It all depends on your current knowledge, abilities, experience etc.

Hope you succeed. All the best!!

EDIT(11th Oct 2018): Please do not second-guess or assume if my answer suggests that it’s easy to get a job in Canada or not. I’m not replying to that question here since it varies greatly for a person, their circumstances etc. I tried to answer best to my knowledge and true to my experiences and unfortunately, it may not hold true to everyone’s experiences.

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