How can I get a monthly Yojana magazine?


Yojana & Kurukshetra are two magazines read by UPSC, TISSNET, SSC, INMARSAT and all other Govt. job aspirants. Most of the link given below does not work. (Yes, I’ve tried). They’re just gist/ notes/ highlights/ few pages.

You can download the above two magazines from Visions website. Just search ‘Yojana Visions’ in google & you will get the monthly of that magazine!

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  1. Get a monthly Yojana magazine

    1. You can download it free of cost.
    2. Go to the website
    3. click into view full site.
    4. Go to KNOWLEDGE CENTER option.
    5. Click on magazines option.
    6. You will get YOJANA and KURUKSHETRA magazine in pdf format.
    7. You can read online or download if for future use.

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