How can I get free BP and UC in PUBG …


How can I get free BP and UC in PUBG mobile?

umaan waqar 5 months 1 Answer 98 views

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  1. First : To get free BP and UC without fail while logging every day you need to collect weekly approx by logging you will get 600 BP and one UC crate free per week

    Second: when you play more games you will get more BP mainly with squad..when you are winning the chicken dinner that time you get more BP…when you thousands and thousands BP while playing more games you can buy UC with BP coins owned…starting rate per day will be 1400 BP per UC…if u buy next one 4800 BP..if u buy third 7000 BP…vice versa it will better don’t buy more than two per day…and it’s difficult to buy you try weekly once with that BP earned.

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