How can I get free royal pass in pubg?


How can I get free royal pass in pubg?

nomi king 5 months 1 Answer 101 views

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  1. Well I don’t think there is any way that you can purchase royal pass without spending any money but if you buy a royal pass once then you can get next season’s royal pass for free. Here’s how

    Example you have purchased this season’s royal pass then you’ll get UC at certain in royal pass ranks (I don’t know whether you’ll get 20 UC 30 times or 30 UC 20 times) but once you reach on 100th rank of the current royal pass’s season then you’ll get 600 UC which is required to buy next season’s royal pass. You may think it’s a good way to get next season’s royal pass season for free but the problem is you have to get to 100th rank which is almost next to impossible unless and until you can buys ranks. So it’s up to you whether you should buy it or not

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