How can I invest in stock exchange?

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How can I invest in stock exchange?

umaan waqar
- Apr 16, 2020 02:12 PM

Originally Answered: How do I invest in stock exchange?
How you can invest in the stock exchange

Sign up with Robinhood
Deposit your first $10,000 (Recommend, also all numbers below are based on this
Invest in a $10-$15 ranged stock that fluctuates daily ( I use Ford in my examples) with all the money you can
Buy all the stocks you can in one company (In this case Ford is going for $11.00 each)
Sell the stock when it rides to about $11.30 a share, raking in $271.10 profit
Trade 10 times a day, meaning you make $2710.10 per day
Congrats, you just made an annual return of 9,791.87%, and that’s assuming you don’t compound your earnings, that number would be about 17%-23% higher ( that’s your return per trade
P.S- If you did this lifestyle starting at age 15 and stopped when you got out of highschool, you would have about $3,000,000. Meaning you could retire at 18 and live till 80 and dispurse those earning making $43,000 a year for 62 years.

P.P.S- If you put all that money in bank account, an interest rate of .01% on $3,000,000 is more then twice the earnings of a full time worker at McDonald’s

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