How can I look attractive to girls?

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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 31, 2020 07:49 AM

Originally Answered: How can I be more attractive for girls?
Everything a man feels makes him more attractive for a woman actually does not work. You have millions of articles on the Internet asking you to do something with your hair, roll up your sleeve, invest in a good wardrobe and whatnot.

Agreed, all these things may give you a good first impression but eventually it is just your mind and body that is going to compete in the long run.

I get a lot of people asking for quick fixes and methods to impress the opposite sex but truth is it doesn’t work like that. That magic happens only in movies.

Let me break down a few points which might actually help you which I share in much more detail with my clients:

Lose that belly: If you are the proud owner of a belly that protrudes out, lose it. Not because it makes you look unattractive but because it gives the first impression of you not giving rat’s ass about your health. Women like healthier men. If you expect a girl with a flat tummy, you might as well have one.
Bad breath: If you’re a smoker or indulge in food that leaves your mouth smelling like a bag of fried onions, you should definitely invest in a good mouth wash. No person on the earth can get attracted to someone with a bad breath.
Good sleep: If you are getting your dosage of 8–9 hours sleep a day, your face and skin looks much better than someone who hardly sleeps. It gives out the vibe of a healthy person who is concerned about his health and welfare.
Knowledge: Most men do not know how to start a conversation and even if they do, they end up screwing up things by slackening in the process. Be knowledgeable about your surroundings, current affairs, your field of expertise, philosophy and other stuff. Even if a girl doesn’t find you attractive, you will be left with a dose of knowledge which can never be harmful.
Be Kind: A real woman likes a man who is kind and helpful to others. Do not go around being that spoilt brat who wants to brag about how rich or luxurious his life is.
Be Funny: Don’t go overboard with your dose of poor jokes and dad jokes but bring one in the conversation from time to time. Nothing makes a woman comfortable than a man who is witty and funny.
Know Your Worth: Irrespective of whatever you are, howsoever you look, if you can be comfortable be with what you are, and be confident, half your job is done.
Be Adventurous: Adventure increases your hormone levels, and also makes you more desirable.
Pursue A Hobby: Be passionate about something in your life. Be creative and spend time on it, so that you have something to talk about what you actually believe in.
Be Good In Bed: Most of the battles are won on the bed. If you think Sex does not matter, then you are wrong.
Looks will fade away, your money will eventually become stagnant but your charm, if real, never dies.

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