How can I make and use PayPal account in Pakistan?


How can I make and use PayPal account in Pakistan?

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  1. It was very difficult to do online payment without PayPal, because it is trusted and secure method. When it was not available in Pakistan, different methods came from different minds.below is one of them. Regards.

  2. Legally you cannot create a Paypal account in Pakistan and use to withdraw money from Paypal account.

    If you have a eCommerce website, then you can use 2Checkout to receive payments from paypal in your 2CO account and then withdraw payments to Pakistan. Only issue with 2CO is their fee structure and withdrawal policies. They hold payment for 30–45 days for security reasons before withdrawal.

    Only best option is seek help from any friend or relative who is residing abroad and have bank account there. Ask him to create his Paypal account and then use his account to receive payments in his bank account. Once payments are in his account then he can send payments to you via any means.

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