How can I tell if she likes me or not?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 31, 2020 07:49 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Jan 31, 2020 07:49 AM

I presume you are a guy and not a lesbian.

Lesson 1) Don’t take advice from women. Not because they are wrong but because they have no idea how men use their brains. They just know the conclusions men come to. So unless she is a student of psychology and has spent time learning about males. Don’t take their advice. And if you were so socially accomplished that their advice would work — you wouldn’t be asking in the first place.

Lesson 2) Just accept right now that you can’t read women.

Lesson 3) Actions speak louder than words. Anything she says is irrelevant. Wether she likes you or doesn’t like you or hates your guts. The reason being she will say something and you will believe her only to find out her behaving completely counter to what she said. So pay attention to her actions and choices to decide if this is the sort of person you want to be around and be associated with.

Lesson 4) As mentioned previously, what she says about you does not matter. So how do you if she likes you or not ? It doesn’t. Not right now. At this point your goal is to see if she is willing to be in a relationship with you or not. The sttategy is simple :

Do not express your feelings. Infact ignore them. Just tell her simply you find her attractive and you would like to take her on a date — if she would be so inclined. (This is provided you have some social relationship with her). She will let you know the answer soon enough. Just don’t bring it up again. No response in a month is rejection.
If she finds you attractive (notice I don’t say “if she likes you”) she will let you know. If not she will reject you.
NOW this is when she will actually notice and guage you a lot more. If you think she has become more comfortable with you over time. Let her know you are still interested. If she has developed a liking to you (Now once she has gotten to know you she can know if she likes you enough or in that way) she will say okay. If not. Move on.
Key things to keep in mind :

Don’t be a door mat. Have some self respect. If she or anyone disrespects you then politely let them know that you don’t like the behavior. If they don’t stop. Wish people a good day and walk away. This shows you respect yourself, others, have good boundaries and are not some crazy person who lashes out.
If she is under 21 then use text messaging to ask her out. Younger girls are more sensitive and will take more time to think about their feelings. Older than 21 — try your best to ask them out face to face or atleast call.
Alcohol + you + females + Lack of Mixed sex sober witnesses. Do NOT ever let these things be in the same place. Never be in any situation where you are alone with alcohol and women without multiple witnesses who are sober. Especially these days.
If she is a friend and you share friend circles then do not ask out anyone in common. If she doesn’t share your friend circle then ask out multiple women on dates and be honest with them that you are seeing other people. Although my personal opinion is to only date one person at a time.
If she does not like your friends or family and does not share your values. Do not get into that relationship on any level. Ever.
Well…just do this much and things will be fine and you will figure out how it all works. Good luck.

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