How can Pakistan buy Gripen from Sweden?


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Akonwick 2 years 1 Answer 308 views

Answer ( 1 )

  1. PAF tried to unsuccessfully bid for the Gripen back in the 1990s but it didn’t work out! Sweden does not sell arms to nations that can use its weapons for aggression.
    In addition to this, the Indian Lobby in Sweden created hue and cry which led to the cancellation of any such possibility.
    PAF tried to buy at least one additional platform in the 1990s after Pressler Amendment driven sanctions were imposed on the Pakistani Military.
    PAF ended up buying refurbished MIRAGE III and V jets from France, Lebanon, Australia, and Libya. The Libyan Mirage III Jets were in very good conditions.
    Because of all this nonsense, the PAF developed the JF -17 Thunder to fill in the number gap.
    The JF -17 Thunder aerial platform is a relatively decent jet for fighting an aerial war against 3rd and 4th generation jets.

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