How can Pakistan solve its internal political problems?


How can Pakistan solve its internal political problems?

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  1. Do what the public of other democracies do. Vote, vote, vote…
    Government is a representative of the citizens of a country. If it is a dictatorship, there is not much you can do. If it is a monarchy, anarchy, or military dictatorship, there isn’t much you can do.
    But Pakistan, is coming out of military dictatorship and has a democratically elected government. It is stabilizing, no matter how slowly. Vote for representatives, who you think, would sincerely govern, putting their personal issues aside.
    Thats what USA does, that’s what India does, and Bangladesh, SriLanka, Nepal, Afghanistan, Russia, and many many more.
    May be some day, you will have a government, which is more interested in resolving issues instead of promoting their selfish interests using excuses and keeping public in dark.

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