How can we solve the problems of Pakistan?


How can we solve the problems of Pakistan?

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  1. Problems of Pakistan can only be solved by Pakistani’s…….I suppose their biggest liability is their majority religion, followed by its Military. Unless they can cope up with reality the problems of Pakistan are going to persist and if they continue to bluff as if they are Arab breed, they will continue to be fanatics.

    Economic problems of Pakistan requires honest political class, as well as military leadership, each sucked the economy bone dry in their sphere of influence.

    Pakistani establishment must live on their own earnings, the grants and loans from other countries have made them totally dependable to the outside world and the belief that they can gateway without paying back has put them in bigger trouble now, as IMF is not budging to oblige fake promises, having learnt bitter lessons of the past agreements.

    The dependence on China, believing they have come to replace America is the biggest misnomer Pakistani people are carrying , China is investing in Pakistan based on their own needs and Pakistan govt has offered sovereign guarantees for several of its projects at exorbitant interest rates.

    Read Express Tribune of 26th Dec 18 to know more on the debt servicing of Chinese loans.

    A moderate Pakistan with tolerant Islam, Pakistani’s believing in the true history of their past will make them survive and perhaps their hostilities with outside world will help them stand on their own feet.

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