How come Pakistan has more Sayyids than Saudi Arabia?

Mudassir Ali
Jan 04, 2020 02:08 PM 1 Answers
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How come Pakistan has more Sayyids than Saudi Arabia?

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Sep 30, 2021

first of all I’m Saudi. So hopefully I can answer your question.

If you mean by (Sayyid = descendants of prophet Mohammed pbuh) then, the main reason there aren’t much Sayyids in Saudi is simple one, we don’t call them that!

Mind you; they are respected in Saudi society ofc, but they don’t have a special addressing if I may say. Some of them, uses the title: “Alshareef” for male. “Alshareefah” for female before their names. It means the honorable one. But ppl don’t go to them and say for example: good morning Alshareef Ahmed or good morning Alshareefah Sara.

It’s just a title they use to name themselves in formal occasions like when they send massages or in media (wedding/death announcement) for example.

On the other hand, my sister is married to one of them. And the obvious observation everyone notes about them is that they don’t eat or drink or take anything from anyone for free (as in charity) ! Aparts from gifts ofc.

I mean like when someone in Haram is handing over a cold water to pilgrims; they can’t accepts it! Because prophet Muhammed pbup forbid it for his house (descendants) to take any charity. Thus, the Saudi gov and before it any Muslim rulers has to have a special money bank called (Bayt mal Almuslmeen = Treasury department for Muslims).

So anyone of this family (descendants of prophet pbuh) who is need can take from it.

This money must come from pure sourses under the direct supervision of the Muslim ruler. (Nowadays, Saudi gov).

why I said that; because this how you differentiate between a true descendants of prophet pbuh and who is imposter and take advantage of it.

Added info:

Someone in the comments asks whether (Bayt Mal Almuslmeen) is functional nowadays and how can they authenticate if the person is indeed from (Alshareef Family) = (descendants of prophet pbuh) ?

Here is my answer:

It’s functional, and it operates here under different organizations but not necessarily under the same name (Bayt mal Almuslmeen).

To answer your 2d question, mind you that the majority of Alshareef family in Saudi nowadays are living comfortable life. Thus, they rarely need to take something from the gov. And I honestly don’t know how exactly they authenticate their identity but why bother?

I mean, anyone needy who lives in Saudi (regardless of their nationality or gender ) can go to any of these organizations and ask for help and they investigate his conditions ofc and then give him from Zakat or charity.

The only difference if he is from Alshareef family, he has to tell these organizations that he isn’t entitled of Zakat or charity because he is from Alshareef family and they will investigate his conditions like everyone else and give him from gov money.

If he didn’t tell them, he will be given from Zakat or charity like everybody else.

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